I used the WANDRD PRVKE 21 pack over a 4 month period while traveling through 9 countries in Central and South America. The pack was used while hiking through the jungle in very humid and wet conditions. I used it while hiking up volcanoes in Guatemala, scuba diving in Honduras, walking through congested cities, and while hiking through the rain and snow in the mountains of Patagonia. It survived rain storms and getting soaked before I could get the rain cover over it. During this time I thought of some problems I encountered using the pack and functionality of some features. Some of these are just some suggestions for improvement.


Zipper on Camera Access Door

The side camera access is brilliant and works so well when trying to get a camera out of the pack. The problem is that both zippers actually hang up where the zippers curve around the corners of the access door. About 2 months into my travels, one of the zippers on the camera access door came off one side of the zipper teeth. It came off on the bottom side of the access door right in th emiddle of the curve. It is a good thing that there are double zippers on this access door because this failure would have made the pack utterly useless if the access door would not stay closed. 

The photo to the left shows the actual zipper failure. This curve in the zipper is exactly where the zipper came off the teeth on one side. 

Strap to Carry Camera Cube Separately

I found that there were times when it was handy to just carry the camera cube separately. This increases the utility of the cube. It would be extremely functional to offer a carrying strap that can attach to the existing loops to allow the user to carry the bag over a shoulder. Since there are two sets of loops on the camera cube the user could carry it with the camera access door on the side or on the top.


Feature 3

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