Volcano boarding in Nicaragua.


The time has come to live my dream and share my passion. I have stepped over the line. I cannot in good conscience turn back to the man I was yesterday. I am heading into the unknown with a revival of the heart and soul. I will start doing things I love. Travel often; getting lost will help me find myself. Photographing the world and the people in it. Writing my story for others to read. I head outward with my eyes and soul open for the experiences which lie ahead. I will open my mind and heart to new things and people along the way. Through experience I shall face my fears, tackle my obstacles, transform my inner landscape, and also grow my self-worth. I shall return, forever changed to the person I was always meant to be. This is my life. I will live it. i will love it. 

My Story

My name is Chris Harrison. I worked for years in a manufacturing facility and in January 2017 I decided that I hated my job and my life. I took the necessary steps to be able to leave my job and travel the world. In November, 2017 I quit my job, spent the holidays with my family and then hit the road. Prior to leaving on this trip my only experience outside of the country were two trips to Canada. Since starting my journey I have traveled to 10 countries throughout Central and South America. I am just a normal guy who got sick of the daily grind and now I am out hiking up active volcanoes, scuba diving in the Caribbean, swimming with dolphins in the middle of the ocean, and watching Orcas eat sea lions right off the beach in Argentina!  

I am currently working as a digital nomad using my skills as a photographer and writer to work anywhere in the world while I travel. Experiencing the world has always been my dream. Seeing far away places, historical and exotic locations, having new experiences while learning new cultures and meeting new people are some of the driving forces behind my dream. I decided that I could no longer live my life without fulfilling my dreams. This website is the declaration of that dream. This is my dream. This is my story. Hopefully you will find inspiration in my story to live your own dream and write your own story!