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Hidden Paradise at Semuc Champey: The Journey Part 6

The road was extremely muddy. It was a one lane road with no shoulder and large drop-offs on one side. It is basically the nightmare bus scenario where the bus rolls down the side of the mountain; a bus traveling down a one-lane, muddy road, with vehicles going in both directions, while the clouds are low enough they hit the road impairing visibility along with the current rainfall. Yes, there are photos below of that road (make sure to check them out). I did not take a photo of my underwear, however, since I and everyone else on the bus were shitting our pants.

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Photography Work

The following images are just a small example of some of my photographic work.  Most of this work is older but I will start sharing some of my new work in the near future.  My travels will be documented through my photography and will be highlighted on this site.

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