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Who Am I?

I once heard someone say "Since I cannot be anyone else, I will just be me."  That is it.  I am just me. Chris Harrison (a.k.a. Einstein). I have traveled to some different areas of the United States and Canada but I am not an expert on travel.  I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember (over 30 years) but I am no expert.  I have writing skills but I am no expert writer.  I just enjoy each of those and I like to share my passions with others.

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The Plan: Central & South America

Do you plan out every minute of your vacations?  Does it feel stressed and chaotic instead of relaxing?  Are you exhausted by the time your trip is done? Traveling slow without a laid out plan is the best way to take in a culture really get to know a place.  Spend time enjoying what the area and people have to offer without the stress of having to see everything.  You can always go back.

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