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Packing and the Theory of Relativity

I literally spent 2 days packing and unpacking. I kicked some cats, dogs, and even punched a few babies in the face during those couple of days! I finally gave up because I knew that there was something I was missing in order to figure out this physics puzzle. Maybe it is a degree in Quantum Physics? ...or possibly Advanced Geometry? 

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Why You Don't Need to be Rich to Travel

"If you didn't have to pay rent or a mortgage, utilities, car payments, and car insurance; could you travel?" Taking away all of these costs and applying them to traveling and you can quickly see that the costs are manageable.

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Why You Can't Really Quit Your Job Today & Travel the World Tomorrow

There are websites out there that claim you can quit your job and travel today!  This CAN be true but if you are traveling internationally there are a whole bunch of other considerations and time sucking prerequisites that won't allow you to leave tomorrow no matter how much money you have in your bank account! 

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