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Belize City, Belize...the "danger zone": The Journey Part 3

Later, a tall white guy, who was dressed like a farmer, got onto the bus during one of the stops in Belize. This man, whom I did not get to meet, sat next to Nicholas. The man said "When you get to Belize City get to your room. Make sure you get what you need right away and get back. Stay in your hotel after dark." Nicholas, Alena, and I looked at each other. The man then said, "Belize City is not safe at night."

And there it was...the dark cloud over the city. The tone had been set.

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Oxtankah Ruins: The Journey Part 2

My visit to Oxtankah started off with a walk through Calderitas when I saw a sign that said Oxtankah with a Mayan pyramid symbol next to it and a number 7. I walked back to my hostel immediately afterward to find out what it was all about. So, I consulted the local expert, Google. I found out that Oxtankah ruins were located 7.3 kilometers from Calderitas (for all my American friends this is about 4.6 miles). 

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Packing and the Theory of Relativity

I literally spent 2 days packing and unpacking. I kicked some cats, dogs, and even punched a few babies in the face during those couple of days! I finally gave up because I knew that there was something I was missing in order to figure out this physics puzzle. Maybe it is a degree in Quantum Physics? ...or possibly Advanced Geometry? 

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Who Am I?

I once heard someone say "Since I cannot be anyone else, I will just be me."  That is it.  I am just me. Chris Harrison (a.k.a. Einstein). I have traveled to some different areas of the United States and Canada but I am not an expert on travel.  I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember (over 30 years) but I am no expert.  I have writing skills but I am no expert writer.  I just enjoy each of those and I like to share my passions with others.

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Photography Work

The following images are just a small example of some of my photographic work.  Most of this work is older but I will start sharing some of my new work in the near future.  My travels will be documented through my photography and will be highlighted on this site.

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