Explore Where You Live

Love the life you live. Live the life you love.
— Bob Marley

If you can't get out to travel the world today, go find a hidden gem where you live. There are amazing places all over the world. I am sure there is something near you!  Just get up and go find it! Maybe it is a local natural wonder, museum, night club, or whatever. You just need to get off your ass and go look for it with an open heart, and mind.  

Maybe it is something you have seen a bunch of times and now you need to see it from a different perspective? Have you been there at sunrise and sunset? Have you been there when there are no customers? Have you gone during a special event or occasion? Finding those hidden gems will make you feel as if you are traveling and can ignite your passion for the area you live. Maybe you will reignite your love for a place that you have visited countless times.

Travel to the next town or suburb. Ask locals about the most amazing things in their town. You will be surprised at some of their responses because many of them are happy to share their favorite spots with others! (This will also help you build your skills for your world travels!) 

So while you are preparing for your next world trip, get out and travel your area, state, or portion of the country. You will find out that there were a lot of things just under your nose! Who knows...you may even find your next favorite place to visit.