Why You Don't Need to be Rich to Travel

You don’t have to be rich, and you don’t need to speak a dozen languages. You just need a passport.
— Peter Kenfield (Peter Travels)

When I discuss my travel plans with people, one of the comments that I get most often is, "You must have saved up a ton of money or you must be rich." Let me assure you that this is absolutely not true. I am not rich nor have I saved up tons of money to be able to travel. I have saved some money but not enough to consider myself wealthy.

I don't have a lot of money but I DO have a will to travel. 

There is an old saying, "Where there is a will there is a way." This is absolutely true. I have a great desire to travel and to see the world. This is my dream. I will make it happen. I have some money saved. I saved that money by cutting out unnecessary spending, paying off some of my monthly bills, and by working a lot of extra hours. (Overtime = more travel time.)

Do you need that coffee in the morning? Do you need to go see that new movie at the theater? Do you really need a new shirt or shoes? What about that junk you just bought in the mall? Where are your priorities? 

If you are serious about traveling you need to make it a priority in you life. You need to cut out or limit all of the unnecessary spending. 

My travel plans are long-term. I plan to travel for most of the remainder of my life. Does this mean that I won't be working anymore?

No, I will be working on the road. I will be using the skills I have to work digitally. I will find work online and I will become a digital nomad. This will give me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!  

I heard a great question posed the other day, and I believe I heard it on The Budget Minded Traveler podcast (This is an awesome podcast dedicated to traveling on a budget! Take a listen). The question was (forgive me if this is misquoted), "If you didn't have to pay rent or a mortgage, utilities, car payments, and car insurance; could you travel?" Taking away all of these costs and applying them to traveling and you can quickly see that the costs are manageable.

Jobs fill your pockets, adventure fills your soul.
— Jaime Lyn Beatty

It is important to consider getting the most for your money as you travel. The dollar is stronger than many currencies in the world. So earning wages in USD makes your money stretch much further than it would in the United States when you consider your costs are far cheaper in many other countries around the world. In some places around the world you can travel on a budget of $30 per day or less.

Did you know that on a $2000 budget you could travel for more than 2 months at $30 per day? That is $12,000 per year! Consider the next time you go to the theater that you could travel for 1 extra day in Thailand or Bolivia. Imagine the cost of the pizza you ordered for delivery...that is 2 days of travel in Guatemala!  

There are many ways to lower your costs even further while traveling such as Couchsurfing, meal shares, traveling with friends, hitchhiking, etc. Consider using any of these resources because they will allow you to stretch out your travel time. I will explain more about each of these tips in my next blog post!

Just remember, the next time you have expenses for things you don't really need, it could be costing you full days of travel...and you want to travel, right?

RIGHT???  Start saving and fill your pockets today so you can fill your soul tomorrow!