Journals: Channeling Your Thoughts

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
— Benjamin Franklin

Do you journal?  Why do you journal?

I have never kept or written a journal. It reminds me of the "secret diaries" that girls were given when I was a kid. It has been recommended to me to keep a travel journal. The travel journal concept seems to be a "no-brainer" to me. To journal every day, capturing my daily thoughts is something that is new to me. I hope to eventually have material worthy of writing a meaningful book but right now it just seems scatter brained and random. Maybe a book will never materialize out of these ramblings but maybe my kids or grandkids will look back at them and get an inside look at me and who I am.

Creativity comes alive? Organize my thoughts?

I listen to several podcasts that discuss habits of some of the most successful people and one of the things that I noticed as a trend between many of them is that they journal daily. Many journal to start their days. It has been said that journaling brings about creativity and for some it takes the place of a meditation period. Others say that it helps them to organize their thoughts for the day. Much like a compass, people say it guides their day. 

When do you journal? What time of the day do you find that your thoughts come together the best when writing? I think the end of the day is best for me. It helps my brain unwind many of the thoughts from the day. It feels like getting those thoughts out of my head helps me to relax and go to sleep faster.  

Do I have anything interesting to say?  What should I write?

Since I am new to writing in a journal I think I need to just write what comes to mind and quit worrying about the content. Just sitting down and writing often enough is supposed to have great results. I am not sure how great they will be and how long this will take but it is worth trying. I am hoping it will bring out some of my creativity which seems to be in a slump these days.

I would love to hear what you have to say in the comments about keeping a journal. Do you do it? Does it help you in any way?  Share your thoughts below!