Who Am I?

If I’m not me, who am I? And if I’m somebody else, why do I look like me?
— Popeye
Photo:  Cat Pentescu

I once heard someone say "Since I cannot be anyone else, I will just be me."  That is it. I am just me. Chris Harrison (a.k.a. Einstein). I have traveled to some different areas of the United States and Canada but I am not an expert on travel. I have been a photographer for as long as I can remember (over 30 years) but I am no expert. I have writing skills but I am no expert writer. I just enjoy each of those and I like to share my passions with others.

My passions for travel, photography, and writing fuel my internal need to know more. I constantly find new areas of each that fascinates me and I want to share my new found knowledge with the people around me...and of course they often don't give a shit but I share it anyway!  

I have always been very good at writing technical topics but never prose or copy. If my writing is dry and boring, I will apologize here. I am working to improve my writing to make it more engaging for the reader. (If you have any tips or comments you can certainly share them in the comments section below.) 

I will be sharing more of my photography work once I get off my ass and actually do some photography work. You can also see my daily posts on Instagram (@wyo_nomad) where I share my photographic work along with some extra commentary, thoughts, and opinions.

Through this website I will be sharing my knowledge on the technical side of photography soon. Photography is really where my passion has been for a very long time. I have always been fascinated with photography, cameras, and the art of it all.     

I remember having cameras since a very young age. I would get a roll of film every for special occasions. This usually happened before a visit to the zoo or on Christmas. So I would take photos as often as I had available film. When the film ran out I would still frame up shots and look through the camera to imagine I was taking a photo.

My love for photography carried on through high school where I took some photography courses. This was during the time of film and during my high school courses we learned to develop black and white film. I went to vocational school where I studied media and photography. It is here I learned the technical aspects of photography including studio lighting, and color film development.

In the very early 90's I worked for Van Gogh Studios in Chicago. It was there I began doing portrait work. Back then there were no digital cameras. We shot everything on film so we had to choose our shots very carefully! This was a great learning experience and I have carried on many of those same practices when doing portraits. Several years ago I started Poetic Vision Photography where I did portraits and weddings.  

I used Poetic Vision Photography to help share some of my landscape work which was my real passion. I have a wide vision and I see the world from a wide perspective. I like to shoot with very wide lenses and I love the grandness of vast landscapes. So, I quit doing portraits and I shut down Poetic Vision Photography to shoot what I am passionate about.  

I am truly in love with Astrophotography Landscapes right now. I will be showcasing my astrophotography work on this website. As I travel and develop my body of astrophotography work, I will be incorporating this style of photography into my travel photography. As I backpack into some of the clearest skies in the world, I will be shooting some of the most amazing landscapes with the stars as a magnificent backdrop!  

There are so many other things about myself I would love to share, and will as time goes by.  Just know that I am not special. I am not rich. I just have a wicked desire to travel, photograph the world as I see it, and to better myself as a human being on this planet!

If you have any questions, comments, or complaints. Leave them in the comments below!