5 Things that Inspired Me to Travel

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.
— Mark Twain

Finding inspiration often comes unexpectedly. A great article, a song, some photographs, or even a distinct smell can move your soul and inspire you to action. What inspires you? Do you already know? Have you found that inspiration that drives you to action? Here are the 5 things that all came to me in a matter of just a few days. These five simple things inspired me to quit my current job and travel the world:

  1. Hilarious Blog Post - I found a post on a travel blog that included some great lessons learned from traveling the world. This was not an entirely serious post and at times made me laugh since it really reflected the awesome things you can learn from traveling. 91 Weird & Wonderful Lessons From Traveling The World For 2 Years was the name of the post that initially made me question why I wasn't following my dream of travel.  

  2. Motivational Speech & Video -  Imagery, dramatic music, and of course an excellent motivational speech doesn't hurt when inspiring someone!  I just finished watching a video about Tikal, Guatemala when the next video started playing and it was this video that got my attention. I have since downloaded this onto my phone and I listen to it daily as a constant source of inspiration. You can download the song here if you find that it inspires you as well.

  3. The Budgeteers - There is a whole series about traveling through Central America on a very small budget. I was inspired that this group of travelers was able to spend such a long time on the road with very little money. It showed me first hand how travel is possible without a huge amount of money. We don't need to be rich to travel. I am not rich at all. I am determined to make it happen on the budget I have set for myself. If you would like to learn more about The Budgeteers watch their series here.

  4. Experience Firsthand - I don't want to see the world through a television or computer screen. I want to experience them first hand. I want to taste the food, smell the smells of the jungle or flowers, I want to talk to people and hear their stories. I want to share my culture and my experiences with others. Simply, I am just tired of sitting in the backseat looking out the window.

  5. Internal Struggle - I have a constant internal struggle to be a better person. I am always seeking ways to improve myself. I have been in a bad place with my fellow man as of late as I find myself complaining more and being happy less. My compassion for others has taken a downward turn. I have closed myself off emotionally from the rest of the world. Traveling will force me to interact with other people and hopefully bring me out of my shell. I want to be much more outgoing than I have been in the last few years. I want to have more empathy for others. I want to connect with people on an emotional and spiritual level that I am not able to do now. What are your internal struggles? Do the drive you to some action? Can you use this to motivate yourself?

There are all kinds of motivation out there. What moves you? What makes you feel most alive? Finding something to spark emotion and push you into action is priceless. Following your dreams isn't easy. If it was easy then everyone would be doing it!  

Find your spark. Find your motivation to follow your dreams. Constantly remind yourself and keep that spark alive. Put your dreams to the front of your life. Take positive steps towards those dreams. Life is short. Live it!

If you have any questions, comments, requests, or complaints you are free to leave them in the comments section below! Until next time!