10 Tips to Improve Your Photography


Capturing those special moments with photography are important to a lot of people. understanding some of the following tips can turn your photos from snapshots to works of art worthy of displaying.  

  1. PRACTICE - There is a saying out there that your photographs will not start to look good until you have taken at least 10,000 of them.  This means that you should use your camera every day.  Take at least 1 photo every day.  Review each photo you take and ask yourself "What could make this better?" "Is it crooked?" "Could I have framed it better?"   Critique your own work and you will soon realize you are critiquing yourself before you ever push the shutter release!  This will make an immediate impact on the quality of your photographs.
  2. FOCUS - One of the major issues with photographs is that the subject is out of focus.  You may have intended to take a close-up portrait of your child but the camera focused on the end of their nose instead of their eyes.  Auto-focus is great when in a pinch but manual focus is much more accurate.   

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