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Experience Travel


Come share the experience of travel.  Share in the adventure, see first hand how traveling the world is NOT out of your reach! I am NOT rich and there is no secret to traveling the world full-time.  Come learn how you can quit your job and travel the globe!


Photographic Story

Sharing stories through photography.  As a photographer for over 30 years, I want to share my vision of the world through my lens.  I will be creating visual storylines based on my photographic work.  Visually bold images will tell the stories of the people I meet and the places I visit.  There will occasionally be some food related posts since food is so inherent in the traveler's experience. 


Explore Nature

Explore nature of other places.  Oceans, jungles, beaches, cities, and deserts of other lands will be explored through photography, blogging, and video.  Come find see these locations and get inspired to travel! 


Cuisine from Around the World

Trying the local cuisine while traveling is essential in learning about cultures.  Many times food is a reflection of the core values of a culture.  Sharing meals with locals and eating what they eat is an invaluable lesson. I will share such experiences as I travel. 


People and Cultures

Meeting new people and sharing a cultural exchange with them is a fantastic way to learn more about a country.  Who are the people that live in that country? How is their culture different from your own? Finding this out is one of the most amazing things about travel.  You never know who your next friend will be!